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Husband, father, volunteer firefighter, former Union member, problem solver.

After a successful 20+ year career managing a logistics company I decided to move my family to Mohawk, TN in 2012(after building here in 2007) so I could raise my children in a rural setting very similar to the one I grew up in.

As Executive Director of the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance I have been able to help provide much needed funding to over 30 volunteer fire departments in Northeast Tennessee along with providing them with fire safety education material for thousands of local children. I am currently leading the effort to construct a statewide Fire Safety Education Center to be located in Mosheim. I have also submitted a proposal to the Tennessee General Assembly for funding to provide all 541 volunteer fire departments in TN with new trucks. I have spoke several times at the Greene County Commission on behalf of taxpayers rights.

Through my work in the community I was awarded the 2014 Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Because of my management skills our company received the 1999 St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award. I am also currently an officer at the McDonald Volunteer Fire Department in Mohawk.


Everyone should h...

I am going to attempt to lump many issues into one answer. Maybe it's because I'm simple minded. I believe that LGBT rights, women's rights, civil rights, senior rights, abortion rights, workers rights, equal rights, etc... all fall under one issue, human rights. The government tends to be a bully in many of these cases. No matter what my personal opinion may be on some of these, I believe that all people should have the same basic rights equally. Who am I to tell someone who they can love or what they can do with their body. I definitely don't believe the government should be able to make that choice either. We should be allowed the basic freedom as Americans to live our life the way we choice. As a side note, our business was one the the 1st advertisers in the Tampa Alternative Yellow Pages 17 years ago, Florida's largest & longest lasting LGBT directory & website. We have been a LGBT friendly business since long before the term "LGBT" even existed. The support goes both ways, we have received a good portion of our business from the LGBT community as well.


Get Big Money out...

We should not be elected based on the amount of money we have to spend on an election. After all, because one Candidate has $500,000 to spend and the other only has $2,000, does that make the wealthier Candidate the better man for the job? It definitely means he is less in tune with the needs of the working class. In a democracy we should have the right to elect people on their ideas. The biggest problem I have with this is that these wealthy politicians believe they have the answers to our problems. The job title is "Representative", which means instead of them telling us what they want to do, they should listen and the ask us want we want them to do. Then go to Washington and "represent" our views and opinions. That would be the true definition of the word representative.


Keeping our Firearms

I understand this may not be the same opinion of most Liberals. But that is very confusing to me. If your beliefs are that the government shouldn't impede on our rights, then why does that apply to everything but our gun rights? I grew up in a house that had firearms and my family or myself never robbed of murdered anyone. I don't believe all law-abiding gun owners should be lumped in with the reckless abusers. As a NRA Life Member you will not ever hear me refer to a firearm as a "weapon". A weapon is something designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. A firearm is for sporting and hunting purposes. If someone views a gun as dangerous, I view them as uneducated. Which is why I am so dedicated to firearm safety training, especially for children. Honestly if more people took their children hunting, it would not only strengthen their families values by the time they get to spend together, it would also lead to a healthier lifestyle due to the consumption of fresh meat versus all of the processed food that is consumed today by most families.